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About me

I grew up in a multicultural society. The special mixture of different nationalities, religions and ethnic groups shaped my perception and my understanding of people.

I have learned that fundamental issues, cross-cultural, determine our humanity. These areas connect us as human beings and help us on a deep level of understanding to realize that life is about similarities and not differences. My special interest was and is to find methods to help people realize and use their potential and to live happy and content lives.

After and during my degree of studies in Business Administration in the United States, I traveled the world and got to know different cultures and their healing modalities.

As a mother of two adult sons, another dimension of awareness was added to my experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities my children have given me to learn, as it has enhanced my life tremendously.

Today, I bring my knowledge, understanding and experience into my work.

It is my wish to offer my clients a space of understanding and to accompany them for a short time to help resolve the issues that keep him / her from living a wonderful and meaningful life they deserve.