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The term abundance is the degree of plentifulness, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. From a holistic approach, it is the manner in which a state of wholeness and plentifulness is attained in all aspects of our lives. There are areas that we pay more attention to than others. We often prioritize certain areas such as career and neglect others like relationship or family. Energy always follows our attention. To live a happy and content holistic life, all areas ought to be in balance.

What good is a lucrative paying job when loneliness or unhappiness dominates our lives? When lack exists in our thoughts or beliefs, it affects all areas. Often, the lack of finance is representative of other areas. We believe that with money we can buy or compensate almost everything.

When there is a lack in our thoughts or beliefs, it affects all areas. Often times the lack comes in the financial area. We are accustomed to believe:

“If only I had more money than….

This way of thinking is detrimental to achieving harmony and peace in the lives we create. Having more money is reassuring and creates more security, at least in that specific area. Security is one of our basic needs. However, money alone cannot make a person permanently happy and content. Genuine abundance and satisfaction also include nourishing relationships, love, acceptance, acknowledgment, appreciation and respect, the feeling of attachment and commitment.

The manner in which we think about ourselves and others determines our experience(s). Deep-seated beliefs of "I'm not worth it, there's not enough, I do not deserve it" often prevent our experience of abundance.

A quote from Glennon Doyle Melton:

Know there is enough.

Know you are enough.

Know that you have enough.

Psych-K helps identify where lack is experienced and changes those beliefs so that we can realize and experience abundance.


A woman in her late 30’s came to me with the desire to have children. Because she wasn’t able to conceive naturally, she and her husband chose to undergo In-vitro-Fertilization (IVF). After two unsuccessful treatments, the woman came to me.

After her story of her life’s situation, I understood there were many areas in her marriage and life that were marked by love and abundance. I felt the lack of children began to put a strain on other areas of abundance the couple had going for them creating a burden like situation.

The pressure to have children was enormous on the part of the wife. Everyone including myself felt this pressure to “fix” the situation. After asking some clarifying questions such as: "What meaning do children have in your relationship, what would change with children, what needs are based on the desire to have children" I began to see the greater picture after she answered my questions.

There were many issues of lack towards herself. She projected this into the marriage and her wish to have children. The woman wasn’t able to see the beauty in anything else anymore as she put all her attention into what is not.

We were able to balance many of her limiting beliefs that stemmed from her upbringing and cultural background. This attitude allowed her to accept the situation, not to link it with having children. The tremendous pressure lessened and gave her way to see her life as whole and fortunate, perhaps even allowing herself to conceive naturally.