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Every disease has, aside to the noticeable effects, a psychological aspect. From a holistic perspective, a complementary approach to medical therapy can be helpful. This can significantly contribute to relief and the healing process.

The questions: „What does this disease want to tell me? What does it want me to know? What do these circumstances force me to do and from what does it keep me from doing are but a few examples that could contribute to clarity.

When events are experienced as a shock or trauma, the body reacts. The types of reaction will differ depending on many factors. The reaction also differs among people based on their personal experiences and conditioning.


A client came to me with an ongoing hay-fever allergy that he had for several years. After explaining his family situation and his feelings of not being understood by his family, especially his parents, it became evident to me that work needed to be done around the subject of being accepted and empowered. In his case, we were able to narrow the subject down by testing to “I have no control over my life”. We were further able to recognize an old pattern of others using pressure and manipulation to impose their wishes onto him. He felt helpless and disempowered around them. Every time he felt the trigger he began sneezing and had the typical signs of hay-fever.

Changing his beliefs at the subconscious level, empowering him to feel and sense the control he needed, was crucial in letting the helplessness and overwhelm of his parents and family go.