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Our pets, as living sentient beings, may also be affected by anxiety, shock and stress. This usually manifests in sudden ways and is revealed when the pet does strange things or refuses to do something.

Example: The dog refuses to go up or down the stairs, go in cars, stay home alone, destroys furniture, etc. These and other examples can be frustrating and a burden to the pet owner.

Psych-K Balances can transform the fears and or trauma that cause the limiting pet behavior.


From a distance, I was fortunate to experience a dog client. The dog refused to walk down the stairs. The upward stairs posed no problems for him, however going downward was not possible even with treats. Often times he had to be carried which was not easy as he is a heavy Golden Retriever. This fearful behavior of the dog posed a problem for the entire family.

After some tests (Psych-K Surrogate Method) it turned out that the dog had negative and painful experiences going downward.

The fear could be eliminated with Psych-K Balances. The dog, at first, went downward with motivational tactics, however, slowly but surely was able to confidently go downward alone.