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Our success in our careers often times depend on our abilities and talents. Some of our talents are known and available to us. Other talents are uncultivated, perhaps even hidden. We may feel that some aspects are missing or hinder us in our progress of achieving what we want and can be. What does it take to be content in our careers?

Psych-K helps us recognize which aspects promote or hinder us. This way, we can strengthen weakness and weakening beliefs and transform them to productive and successful ones.


According to the definition of WHO, satisfied jobs are those in which the pressure and the requirements of the enterprise are matched with the knowledge and abilities of the individual. Too frequently, companies often disregard this.

In the following instance, this match was not the case; it created conflict in the life of a young client who came to my practice. An ambitious, eager and knowledgeable young man realized his discontent at work. He began his career energetically and full of prospect. He was willing to put in the extra hours and do what was needed and expected of him.

The fast-paced professional environment with a high turnover of colleagues made personal relationships and thus a trusting working atmosphere almost impossible. Most assignments had tight deadlines, which were often difficult to meet, as colleagues sometimes disappeared in the middle of the project.

When he came to me, he was frustrated and demotivated despite of his good intentions to meet the requirements. Probing into different aspects of his issues, I soon came to realize that the issues were not stemming from him but from the chaos and mismanagement within the company. He took it upon himself to find fault on his part for the current situation and began to question himself.

We discussed the pros and cons of leaving this particular company and to find a workplace that would be conducive to his needs. He regarded himself as a failure for not being able to cope where he was at. At this point, his underlying beliefs of self-doubt, fear of failure, inadequacy and not being good enough became evident. We were able to change those limiting beliefs to healthy self-affirming ones with Psych-K balances.

He then was able to see it the work situation for what it was and not take blame for the circumstances that prevailed. This allowed him to take the necessary steps.