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How do we perceive ourselves? Is our self-image positive and constructive or do we question ourselves constantly? We often paralyze our actions and growth with self-doubt. How can we expect for someone to respect us when self-doubt is an issue?

Self-love and self-esteem have nothing to do with selfishness. They are the foundation to our success, relationships, and how others perceive us.


A client, who was having issues with his job, came to see me. He wanted to leave the company as he found another job that had more resources for him to climb the career ladder. In addition, he would get a higher salary and better bonuses than he was presently earning.

He was very qualified and met the profile requirements for the job advertised in every respect. He began, however, to question himself. He had the feeling that he didn’t stand a chance with his application and that he would not be hired. Throughout the conversation I had with him, I understood that his doubts stemmed from his lowered self-worth and self-confidence.

We balanced empowering statements to substitute the limiting beliefs. This gave him the confidence and inner sense of peace for him to pursue his application process. Several months passed before I received a mail from him telling me he got the job and felt very comfortable in his new work environment.