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Currently, we live in a time in which we are constantly exposed to stressors. Stress results from the manner in how we cope with these stressors. This is very individual.

Stress is an emotion that belongs to life as we know it. We have good stresses (eustress) that motivates and excites us; it is the drive for creativity. Negative stress (distress) influences practically all areas of our lives, especially if it is on-going for a longer period of time. It is the body reacts to fears, worries, despair and threats. The effects can be noticeable in family life, work, social life and health.

The most common stress experienced is work related. Factors such as working long hours, unacceptable conditions, lack of recognition, discrimination, bullying, lack of support and unequal pay are just a few examples that can create stress. It is important to understand these mechanisms to get a grip on the stress before other areas in one’s life are affected. Often illness or dis-ease will force us to take a deeper look at what is happening.

Psych-K can help identify these individual factors or trigger points and can neutralize them by changing our reaction to these triggers so that they no longer create stress in our system.


A woman came to me when she felt her life was falling apart. Nothing, according to her, was normal. She was a working single mother and had two children. She was a competent and intelligent woman that worked in a company that was growing rapidly. The workload and responsibilities also grew. The management refused to hire more employees to cover their growing demands. On the contrary, the pressure and expectations of the management were increasing as well. Because she was good at what she did, her boss added pressure to her own workload by giving her additional complex work.

At the beginning of this process she felt valued, and even a little proud of their trust. She wanted satisfy her requirements.To meet the growing demands, she spent many hours in the office, often taking work home on the weekends. Although she felt guilty towards her children, she was afraid of losing her job if she didn’t comply with the increasing workload.

Over time, her life changed completely. She lost her strength and joy to lovingly care for her children. She was just too exhausted to feel anything. She began to neglect the household, had neither the time nor the desire to meet with her friends. It was no longer possible for her to tune into anything that provided her with joy and where she could recuperate.

In the session she had with me, we focused in on the demands of her work. Her patterns and fears surfaced. One of her subconscious beliefs was to constantly meet all expectations and requirements. This was very closely linked to her self-esteem and kept her from addressing the overload and demands she experienced at work. We worked with her beliefs having to do with her self-confidence, ability to say no, pleasing herself and setting healthy personal boundaries.

In due time, she was able to articulate her concerns to her boss and got the results she had hoped for. With the necessary changes at the workplace, she began enjoying the hours with her children again and even found time to socialize with her friends.