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I wish to thank my clients for having allowed and trusted me to accompany them for the time our ways crossed path. With gratitude for the reviews I received, I share them here for you to enjoy.

I am happy that I got introduced to Firouzeh and have decided to work on my personal issues. There were multiple things I want to understand about myself, fix some of it, and help myself to be a better me.I had few sessions and I can honestly say that it works for me. Some of the situations take time to understand, while others are so obvious that seeing the positive results is very easy. Each session feels and is different, and the progress I have made over the past few month is hard to ignore. I will keep practicing for sure. Thank you Firouzeh!

- A.S., Dubai

After an issue recently surfaced that I thought was long taken care of in the many years of therapy I underwent, I decided to seek Firouzeh’s help. This incident brought me back to a trauma that I experienced as a child. At first I tried to reason my way past this feeling just to find out the situation and feeling got worse. Given the distance, I had a Skype session with Firouzeh. I was surprised that not only could we work through the issue(s) over the distance but also how well I felt while working through them. It was like calmness that overcame me and something releasing from deep inside. Within the one session I had, I was able to rid myself from the ties that I still had from that early experience. I feel so much freer since. To my surprise, the issues we worked through also affected other areas in my life we did not directly address. I thank you for the lightness I now have and wished I had many years ago.

- Beatrix, Dubai