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Grief and Loss

Everybody has at some point in their lives experienced loss or grief. This subject belongs to our human nature. Loss and grief is experienced and processed very individually. This process takes place in different phases and needless to say every person determines his or her own individual pace. Some people find it difficult to find joy and happiness after a loss. This can be a challenge for some people.

It is important to understand one's own grieving process, which takes place in 5 stages, according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:

Often we feel paralyzed and do not know how to fill or heal the gap left by the loved one. All memories and thoughts revolve around the loss suffered. The feelings and fears are similar, whether the loss is through separation or death. Letting go and accepting the course of life is a path to inner peace.

Psych-K can offer help and support in the grieving process, allowing both a healthy grieving process and at the same time take away issues that keep you from living your own fulfilled life.


A young man came to see me after his brother had passed away. His complete posture was marked by deep sadness. In passing he mentioned that his brother committed suicide. Feelings of guilt and the questions: “could I have prevented it” and “ I should have seen the signs” tormented him additionally.

As his brother had a family with two young children, I suspected that the young man in front of me felt overwhelmed to take on the responsibilities for his brother’s family. In the further conversation, he mentioned that the death of his brother was two years ago. Testing the client (methods in Psych-K) confirmed that the he was still caught up in the initial shock of when he learned of his brother’s death two years ago.

Through the Psych-K balancing methods, it was now possible to release the shock that kept him paralyzed. While he was balancing this, I could see his body posture rise and his facial expression changed. He liberated himself from the shock that stifled his life and was now allowed to live the life he had before his brother passed away. He later wrote me and mentioned what an impact and hold this shock had in his life and that he sees many things differently after the one session we had together.